Family constellations

"To know where you want to go, you have to know where you come from."

The family and culture in which you are born and grow up have a great influence on your formation. Often unconsciously you adopt helpful and also less helpful patterns that influence and sometimes burden your life. A family constellation is a powerful method that makes visible which (unconscious) patterns are happening in your family system and that are related to your complaints.

Some examples where a setup can help:
Have you been encountering obstructive patterns in work and life for some time?
Do you want to take new steps in work and life, but for some reason you don’t?
Are you unnecessarily making yourself smaller compared to others?
Do you often take on too much responsibility?
Do you want to feel more connected to the people around you?

By doing your own family constellation you gain insight into what is going on in the depths and a healing movement is initiated. This awareness and feeling the unconscious dynamics are enormously helpful.

In 2023, I thoroughly enjoyed following and completing the Family Constellations course with Elmer Hendrix of the Institute for Systemic Work ( Since then, I have been organizing family constellations every month together with two nice fellow constellators – Susanne Gilhuis and Frederique Timmerman – in Dordrecht, Den Bosch and Delft. The constellations take place in a group with other participants. The groups are small (max. 12) and pleasant, with attention to safety and vulnerability. On all days there is room for 3 question submitters and 5 representatives.

Are you interested in participating?
Below are the planned days. Send me an email to register and indicate whether you want to participate as a question submitter or as a representative:

Question submitter: you submit a question that is drawn up. The question has to do with what you encounter or are bothered by in your daily life. So your question does not have to relate to your family.
Representative: You are available as a representative in the lineup of the question contributors, but do not introduce your own theme. Participating in a setup as a representative is also very educational for yourself.

Dates and costs (update May 6)
Friday, May 31 in Dordrecht (9:30 AM – 1:30 PM) – only room for representative
Sunday June 2 in Delft (12:30-16:30) – 1 spot left for question submitter
Sunday June 30 in Delft (12:30-16:30) – 3 places left for question submitter

Question submitter costs: €60 incl. VAT for private individuals (business: €75 excl. VAT)
Representative costs: €20 incl. VAT for private individuals (business: €35 excl. VAT)

Would you rather do a 1-on-1 family constellation with me?
You can also do a family constellation one-on-one (without a group) and it works just as effectively! Then we work with figures on the table and/or with ‘floor anchors’ (on the ground). Do you have questions about this? Please feel free to contact me!
Costs individual session (1.5 hours): € 100 incl. VAT for private/business: € 110 excl. VAT.