About me

"Our inner beliefs, fears and desires consciously - but especially unconsciously - determine our choices and behavior. I wanted to do something with that."

My name is Natasja van der Werf. I studied business administration at Erasmus University Rotterdam and worked as a management consultant for various commercial and social organizations for almost ten years. In addition to the business perspective on organizations, I became increasingly interested in the people in and ‘behind’ those organizations.

I followed the inspiring training to become a personal and career coach at Annet Brinkhuis Opleidingen. For me personally, it was an exciting choice, taken from the heart. And it turned out to be exactly the right one. Shortly afterwards in 2008 I started my own coaching practice. I am registered as a recognized career professional with the NOLOC and a licensed trainer of the Explore your Talent training.

The 3-year basic training in Jungian Psychology with Karen Hamaker-Zondag, which I completed in 2017, has further deepened and enriched my passion for & knowledge of people and their unconscious minds. I like to apply Jungian ideas in my programs because it provides so many beautiful insights into what really drives someone and who someone really is.

My approach
I believe that awareness and acceptance of who we are, what we are good at and where we want to go, are necessary to make appropriate and sustainable choices for work and life that really suits us.

In an inspiring, interactive and in-depth way, I want to give people the space to tell their story, help them make discoveries, look at the same thing in a different way and create order in the chaos of thoughts and feelings. In addition, I want to encourage them to take action and take responsibility for realizing their goals and wishes.