How have others experienced me?

Do you find it difficult to estimate what my approach will yield for you?
Read some comments here about how others have experienced my coaching and training:

“Control my life”
“When I started the coaching process, I felt very stuck in my work and patterns in my private life. My wish was to regain control of my life, to live and not be lived. Natasja helped me get back to my feelings and gave me the confidence that I can take control myself. And the first step in this was quitting my job. A terribly difficult and exciting decision for me, but with the insights that Natasja gave me, I knew that this would be the only good first step towards finding personal happiness. With her personality, Natasja managed to create a safety in which I dared to be very open about my vulnerabilities and she also taught me a lot of special things in a short time. new insights, also from my past. My journey of discovery into who I am and what I want in the future continues, but Natasja has given me the strength to dare to take this first big step and I am very grateful to her for that.” Marlous

“Fascinating, spicy and very enlightening”
“What do my attitude and behavior say to others? How do they see me? What do I see? What do I do with what I see? How can I become more aware of all this and its effects? A lot of questions, for which I was looking for someone to help me wanted to help find the answers. And preferably also practically, I already do enough thinking. It turned out that Natasja fit in perfectly during the introductory meeting During the conversation we immediately went into depth. I learned a lot about myself in a relatively short time and, together with Natasja, she made it concrete. She holds a mirror up to you, asks questions that make you look in a different way and helps you to take action. Action that suits you. And action that, for me at least, has already yielded great results, both at work and in my private life. I would recommend it to everyone.” Melanie Dongelmans-Klinkenberg, Meer Wonen Foundation

“Group intervision”
“I have asked Natasja several times to guide and support group intervision sessions. She does this in a pleasantly professional manner, in a comfortable environment. I highly recommend her!” Hans Suijkerbuijk, Faculty Secretary of Industrial Design Engineering, Delft University of Technology

“A better internal compass in my life”
“My journey with Natasja has had a major and positive effect on how I approach life. Where I previously tried to meet standards set by others (or that I adopted) and lived very much from my ‘head’, I live and I now focus much more on my feelings, on what is ‘mine’. In my conversations with Natasja, she showed me that in addition to ‘a strong head’ (as she called it), I am also very sensitive, but that I am also very sensitive. I have never really given space to my feelings or been given space for them in my life. Now that I dare to give my feelings space, it turns out that I am more effective and calmer and approach life with much more confidence and awareness, Natasja has found an excellent balance between spirituality and down-to-earthness in our process that suited me, which allowed me to look beyond just practical solutions. She also uses different and interesting exercises to get started with this has given me, I now have a different and better internal compass in my life, which suits me much better and which gives me peace and confidence in my work and private life.”

“More trust”
“The program really provides more confidence and insight and raises awareness. In a very pleasant, open atmosphere where everything can be discussed.” Andr√© Put, DSM

“Clear what you have to do”
“You are challenged and triggered to look at things differently. This program gives you so many insights in a short time that you become clear about what you have to do! Natasja’s approach is nice and inspiring.” Mirjam de Jong

“Insight into motivations”
“The workshop has given me more insight into my motivations than my career so far!”