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"Who looks outside dreams, who looks inside awakes." C.G. Jung

An effective 3-day training for (talent) managers & coaches:
“Training – the power of awareness and guidance”
(the training can also be given in English)

In this diverse and personal training, Talent Leads* gain (themselves) knowledge and tools to effectively and clearly guide others in their development process.

>> The tools can be directly applied in practice and development discussions.
>> The Talent Lead gets to the core of conversations faster and more effectively.
>> It greatly increases the ownership and self-management of the coachee.
>> The Talent Lead is aware of itself as an important instrument.

The subtitle ‘the power of awareness and guidance’ is based on the idea: in order to develop or guide someone else, you also/first have to get to know yourself. Self-awareness is the key to personal leadership and sustainable development of both the Talent Lead and the coachee.

The Talent Lead will therefore go into depth during the 3-day itself. This way he/she immediately experiences the operation and power of the different tools. Sometimes from the role as coach, then again from the role as coachee. It is a varied training with practice, explanation, experience and reflection. No presentation on a beamer, but a flipchart, chairs and hard work based on openness and vulnerability. And of course also with lots of fun!

The specific content of the program is adapted as much as possible to what is going on or needed by the Talent Leads. Some topics/themes covered in the training are: Working with the unconscious, discovering motivations, The Change Curve, Transactional Analysis, Symbolic Listening, Drama Triangle and The Empowerment Dynamic, Projection Mechanism, working with limiting beliefs and more.

Practical information
Size: groups can consist of min. 6 to max. 8 participants.
Structure: the training consists of 3 days, of which day 1 and day 2 are consecutive and day 3 is one month later. Exact times to be determined in consultation.
Target group: *the training is suitable for anyone who guides others in their development through their position. These could be: talent leads, (talent) managers or (internal) coaches. Preferably, participants have had some experience in guiding others. 
Costs: feel free to send me an email and I will be happy to make a tailor-made proposal. 

I have enjoyed providing this training at several organizations over the past 3 years. Would you like to know more about that? or get in touch with one of my clients?: feel free to contact me. I have also given the training several times in English, so that is also possible. 

Please feel free to contact me to discuss the possibilities!
Tip: the ideas of this training are also possible in a 1-day workshop for inspiration.